Mobile asset management made simple.

Smarter optimization.

Improved performance.

See exactly how your equipment is performing 24/7.

Imagine a system that gives you insight on how all your mobile equipment is performing every hour of the week.

AssetPro 360

An end-to-end platform

ONE cloud based platform to manage your equipment, batteries and chargers.

  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Support sustainability initiatives

All this without you having to lift a finger.  Get the most out of your powered equipment.

A remote control for your operations

Today, your mobile assets can be monitored from virtually anywhere you do business—across the country or around the world.  Remote monitoring helps your team learn quickly where efficiency can be improved.  This way, you can implement changes after seeing what’s working and what’s not.

Optimization requires data

Do you have too many forklifts? Or not enough? Which ones are idle and which do most of the work? Only constant data can help you get the most from your asset investment, from the day of deployment through each successive day of operation.


Monitoring helps reduce damage & improve safety

Accidents are often avoidable. So are regulatory violations when you see the signs.  Metrics that assess environmental awareness, efficiency and safety can help you reduce energy waste, equipment damages and safety compliance issues across your operation.


Increase Safety

Most damages can be avoided with our authorized access and pre-use safety check features.  And even more, we can measure and track impact, measure load weights and give you creative reporting to reduce your damages by 80%.


Improve Efficiency

Productivity is measured differently for every business. AssetPro can be customized for your different operational contexts to address your unique optimization needs.


Lower Costs

Observing small performance metrics can reveal huge opportunities to optimize processes, physical assets and employee performance. Each small change you make can lead to immediate cost savings.


Network Insight

Harness the power of networked data through 100% seamless integration with ERP, EAM, WMS and CMMS.

As simple as…

1. Customize

Every business has its own rhythm. Our solution team will study your operations to design a system specifically for your business and your processes. As a comprehensive provider, we will implement an end-to-end solution. That’s how we can make sure your data is telling you the right story.

2. Analyze

Once you implement a solution, the data starts coming in. But that’s just the beginning. Interpreting data is where AssetPro makes a huge difference in optimizing operational efficiency. AssetPro can analyze data from all sources— from batteries to forklifts— to give you a comprehensive view of your operations, so raw data becomes actionable insight.


3. Optimize

Data insight enables you to make ongoing improvements to your operations. You’ll see where you can improve safety, ensure OSHA 1910.178 compliance, reduce damage and improve operator behavior. You’ll be in a position to continuously optimize your fleet for leaner, more efficient and safer operations.


See what comprehensive remote monitoring can deliver.

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