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AssetPro 360 – Get One and Done

What is AssetPro 360?

AssetPro 360 is culmination of our technological strength, deep understanding of our customers’ challenges and strong track record in the mobile asset management space.  A robust .NET framework integrated with powerful analytics and communication modules to provide up-to-the-minute actionable data to your stakeholders.

How does it work and what's in it for me?

AssetPro 360 is a true IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform.  Purpose built hardware devices with:

  • Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS communication
  • Sensors to record abuse, load, temperature, humidity etc.
  • Data storage for variety of events taking place in industrial/mobile equipment
  • GUI for human interaction packaged to comply with IP56/67 enclosures

And that all interfaces with AssetPro 360 in real time.

A stakeholder such as you, who is involved in a variety of tasks, can keep track of all mobile asset operation with minimal effort.  AssetPro 360 can integrate seamlessly with your ERP/CMMS/WMS so informed decisions can be made, on time.

How is it different?

Superficially, not much.  If you invest an hour, you will see a huge difference.  A great user experience, cloud hosting and most importantly, we manage your equipment, batteries and chargers – in one platform – at the lowest cost.

Your Business is Unique, so is AssetPro 360.

Typical applications of our solutions are warehouses, airports and batteries powering mobile equipment.  We designed AssetPro to be scalable, so it can be as cost-effective for a single facility as it is for a multi-site Fortune 500 company.

Global Visibility

Whether your business is local or global, AssetPro 360 gives you instant visibility on how your sites are performing.  A color coded map based on site performance allows you to drill into the sites and identify issues.  We know you wear multiple hats, at least asset management is one thing you don’t need to worry about.

Business Intelligence at your fingertips

Up-to-the-minute data enables AssetPro 360 to send you exceptions and KPIs by email or SMS so you can take prompt action.  Chances are, you will hardly log into AssetPro 360.  It will keep you abreast of how your sites are performing.  A smart device is all you need to manage your entire mobile asset operation.

Comprehensive yet modular

Why pay for what you don’t need?  Most of our competitors offer one size fits all products.  AssetPro 360 can allow you to get just what you need and add as you expand your initiative.

Get true visibility

Let data come to you from all your powered equipment, so you can focus on other important tasks.

Equipment Management

Specifically designed to solve a variety of asset management challenges such as productivity loss, safety issues, safety compliance, damages and cost overruns (often hidden).  Robust, proven technology with a layman friendly user interface and technician friendly installation.

Battery Management & Diagnostics

Your electric fleet is only as good as the battery fleet it runs on.  In addition to the rising cost of batteries, poor battery management can have significant impact on equipment performance, down time and customer service. Help identify poor performing batteries which can cause equipment malfunction.


A cloud connected battery management solution, gives you insight you never had before.  Battery operation is not a mystery anymore.


A plug-n-play power prover to optimize the battery fleet and diagnose traction batteries.


World’s first Bluetooth smart enabled battery water level and temperature sensor.  SMARTie does more than just blink.