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ADVANCED – Telematics Like No Other

Designed like a smart phone, built like a tank and installs in minutes.  ADVANCED, a versatile telematics solution, quite different from what’s available in the market today.  It is loaded with practical features to lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your forklift, GSE and construction equipment fleets.

ADVANCED is powered by our flagship cloud application AssetPro 360 which powers battery and charger management systems.  If you are a progressive asset manager and continuous improvement is your passion, ADVANCED and AssetPro 360 is a no brainer choice to meet your sustainability objectives.

Read on or Talk to our Solutions Expert now to understand why ADVANCED is different and how it can add value you cannot expect from the competitors.

Why Advanced?

Brand Agnostic

Don’t get boxed in with an OEM system, which may be difficult or costly to implement in mixed fleet scenarios. A recent report has shown that less than 2% of fleets are all the same brand. This is why ADVANCED has been designed to work with any brand, electric or fossil fuel.

Installs in minutes, on ANY brand electric or fossil fuel

One installation method applies to all types of machines. Cost effective implementation and minimal downtime can reduce your overall TCO.

Compact, Single Component Design

ADVANCED occupies minimal space, which can be limited on the dashboard. Fewer components also means a lower chance of failure

Great User Experience

Love your smart phone? You will find ADVANCED just as nifty. ADVANCED features a 4.3” graphic color LCD with a resistive touch panel, separated message sections, and a full keyboard to provide easier viewing and control.

See how AssetPro360 converts data into business intelligence you come to expect as a tech savvy stakeholder. Advanced is a solution to assist your team to achieve your continuous improvement goals.

Sharp Turning Sensing

Picture this: a loaded truck making a sharp turn, tossing around its contents. ADVANCED can measure turn angles and alert the operator of sharp turns.

Smart PM

Have you ever looked at your PM cost?  Do you know if your PM frequency is optimal?  Our Smart PM can lower PM cost. It considers several factors before generating a PM alarm.

LoadTrac - Load Measurement

Is your equipment being used while it is running? Find out with LoadTrac, which reports the number of hours your truck is running empty.

Replace in a snap

Simply replace a unit and enter an asset ID. Asset settings will be downloaded instantly to your new device. ADVANCED can be replaced in a matter of minutes.


Whether your application is outdoors or indoors, we’ll show you the last location and crumbtrail of each of all your assets.

Wi-Fi or Cell

Connectivity will keep you updated on the go. ADVANCED alerts you when exceptions occur, so you can stay focused on your important tasks without missing a beat.

Invest wisely.

Your investment can go well beyond life of your asset, especially if it is leased. Your fleet will run more efficiently and will last longer. It’s a no brainer.

Don't get locked in.

Don’t get locked in with an OEM whose primary business objective is to sell you new equipment and/or batteries. We live and breathe technology – that’s all we do.  Constant innovation, affordable cost structure and unmatched expert support you can only expect from a dedicated partner.

Plus, when you switch your equipment suppliers, you want to continue reaping benefits of telematics investment.  ADVANCED will work with any brand, without any issues – guaranteed.

Worry free implementation.

From pre-sales support to post-sales implementation, no one does it better than Access. Our proven implementation process is streamlined  and cause none to minimal disruption to your business.

Schedule a Demo

Take the next step with a personalized demonstration.

See first-hand how ADVANCED improves your bottom line.

Customers around the world have:

  • Customized the platform to suit their own deployments and network usage models.
  • Gained actionable insights on operator behavior patterns, usage trends and operational safety.
  • Proactively monitored and rectified issues before they impacted their operations.
  • Taken advantage of a single platform for global deployments.

Would you like to schedule a demonstration right now? Talk with a solutions expert at 908-789-8700.


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