Wireless Battery Management System

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What is CellTrac?

We listened to the challenges of fleet owners and dealers faced with battery management.  After detailed study and using our expertise in battery technology, we introduced the CellTrac; industry’s first wireless battery management system.   Crucial parameters of battery such as voltage, current, temperature, water level and amp hours are recorded and transmitted to the cloud based software AssetPro 360 for analysis and reporting.

Why CellTrac?

Batteries are the heart of your mobile fleet.  Battery costs have risen significantly over last several years.  In addition to the rise in prices, more than 80% of fleet owners have little understanding of how batteries operate and have poor or no visibility to their battery fleet operations.

When batteries are undercharged, used with low water and/or used with elevated temperatures, three things can happen.  The battery life is shortened, it can cause malfunction of the equipment and incur AVOIDABLE downtime.

CellTrac offers much needed insight to your battery operation.  Service providers and battery fleet owners can now have the visibility that changes how batteries are managed.

How does CellTrac extend Battery Life?

A minimally invasive battery management system installs in about 10 minutes on any lead acid or lithium batteries.  Since CellTrac monitors vital parameters of the battery, process or application related issues can be identified quickly so proactive measures can be implemented.  As a stake holder, we are positive that you have run across some or all of the following scenarios…


Batteries are hardly getting watered per schedule.


Batteries under perform and as a result unanticipated downtime causes delays.


No easy way to identify poor performing batteries.


Your investment in fast or opportunity charging is not realizing anticipated ROI because your operators are not plugging in as required.


Your battery purchase is more frequent and somewhat unpredictable.

All of the above can change when you implement CellTrac on your battery fleet.   Data at your fingertips makes all the difference

No more guesswork and no more mysteries why batteries are not performing and lasting their normal life.

Maximize cash flow with predictive budgeting

Without an insight, companies often budget maintenance and purchasing dollars based on prior history.  Now is the time to change that.  CellTrac data can predict useful battery life so you budget for replacement batteries ahead of time, without guesstimating.

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  • Support unique business models by tailoring the platform for specific device deployment and network usage models.
  • Gain actionable insights on, operator behavior pattern, usage trends and operational safety.
  • Proactively monitor and rectify issue before they impact your operation.
  • Take advantage of a single platform for global deployments.

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