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Right battery for every application.  Diagnose battery without guesswork.

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What is SMARTIE?

SMARTIE is world’s first Bluetooth enabled battery sensor to record low water and over temperature conditions.  Recorded alarm data can be downloaded via Android or iOS application, available for FREE from Access.

Imagine walking up to your battery room and knowing which batteries to water by looking at your phone or tablet. Wouldn’t it save you tons of time and aggravation?

It’s nothing like you have seen before.


Batteries are the heart of your mobile fleet.  Battery costs have risen significantly over last several years.  In addition to the recent rise in battery prices, about 80% of fleet owners have little or no control on monitoring of battery watering and temperature.  Extended period of low water and over temperature conditions can negatively impact battery performance and reduce its useful life.

Products available today in market do not solve these problems despite their high costs.  On the other hand, SMARTIE offers two unique functions to give you a much needed visibility to your battery operation.

This is exactly what’s missing in the marketplace which has been filled by Access.  So, stop wasting your money on outdated devices and start using SMARTIE so you can free up resources to focus on other important tasks – without losing sight of your battery fleet.


Alarm Duration

Record each alarm with a time stamp


Easy Downloading

Allows downloading of alarm data via easy to use FREE Android or iOS application. (It can also send alarm data via email to desired personnel)

How Does SMARTIE help you?

Since battery performance and water level/temperature are linked, analyzing batteries with issues and alarm data can help diagnose root cause so proactive steps can be taken to prevent further damage and downtime.

Worry-Free Watering Schedule Reports

Every morning a report can be sent to your in-box so your service provider or in-house maintenance personnel can water batteries based on real data and not waste time hunting for batteries and water wrong the batteries.

Schedule a Demo

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See first-hand how Smartie changes your asset management.

Customers around the world have

  • Support unique business models by tailoring the platform for specific device deployment and network usage models.
  • Gain actionable insights on, operator behavior pattern, usage trends and operational safety.
  • Proactively monitor and rectify issue before they impact your operation.
  • Take advantage of a single platform for global deployments.

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