All-in-One Management System

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What is Ultimate?

A rugged IP67 compliant, versatile tablet purpose built for asset management.  Powered by Windows Embedded Compact, Ultimate can manage your mobile asset related applications.

How is it different?

There is no comparison to Ultimate – because there is nothing out there to compare with.  Ultimate reflects our deep understanding of your pain points and our strength in disruptive solution design.  We have leveraged proven technologies and offered a modular solution – Get what you need and if your needs change, add functions.  End result – No more expensive “telematics” boxes to do just one thing.

Why Ultimate?

For more than one reasons – Ultimate is your All-in-One solution.  Your large investment in mobile and human assets requires one unified platform so you can measure your KPIs and compare them against your own and industry benchmarks.  Ultimate and AssetPro360 give you unprecedented insight on your operation.

In orders to truly understand how Ultimate can transform your asset management, call our one of our solutions expert.  We will walk you through the entire process and show you ways to innovate you may not have thought about before.


Use your existing RFID cards.  Restrict access based on user privilege.  Remove suspended employee with one click.

Safety Checklist

Make up your own checklist.  Multiple choice and editing capability reduce nuisance alarms.
Mini checklist – once the full checklist is performed; the mini checklist covers basic questions.  Great for added oversight on subsequent use of assets.

Utilization Monitoring

True utilization by monitoring virtually every activity of the asset. Our reports reveal insight on your operation so you can right size your fleet and personnel.

Productivity – Load Measurement

How many loads are your operators moving? Are they running around with empty trucks? LoadTrac can tell you what’s going on. Another major indicator of productivity.

Your investment in Ultimate gives you the unique ability to harness your asset management so your stakeholders can collaborate and identify new ways to make your process efficient, improve bottom line and run lean and safe operation.

Maintenance Software Integration

Why use two software for maintenance?  AssetPro 360 can send real time usage and integrate with your ERP software.  No additional training, enterprise wide visibility and streamlined maintenance program.  Savings can be as high as reduction of 2 PMs per asset.  Now do the math.

Barcode/RFID Scanning

Why pay $2000+ for a terminal which just scans?  Ultimate can interface with USB or Bluetooth scanners and communicate with your WMS at a fraction of the cost.

WMS/LMS Integration

Perform your device level functions on the Ultimate with bi-directional connectivity with your WMS/LMS applications.

Hours of Service

With the DOT mandate to use EOBR from 2017, don’t get left behind.  Use one infra-structure to support your in-plant and over the road fleet for HOS compliance.

Schedule a Demo

Take the next step with a personalized demo of the solution.

See first-hand how Advanced changes your asset management.

Customers around the world have

  • Support unique business models by tailoring the platform for specific device deployment and network usage models.
  • Gain actionable insights on, operator behavior pattern, usage trends and operational safety.
  • Proactively monitor and rectify issue before they impact your operation.
  • Take advantage of a single platform for global deployments.

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