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Feature packed, affordable fleet management system for your powered equipment.

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Premium solution for medium to large enterprises – WMS, CMMS and HOS in one platform.

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Wireless Asset Tracker for your Powered Fleet

  • Scattered fleet across facility or territory and thin resources to capture Hour Meter Reading (HMR).
  • Hunting down every asset, record HMR and entering them in your business system…all MANUALLY which is complete waste of your most precious resources – your technicians
  • Despite all these efforts, Hour meters hardly match with what’s on equipment.  This gets worse when errors are made in data entry.

Many fleet owners can relate to these pain points and but have accepted them as the cost of doing business– because there was no sensible solution.

Access has changed that status quo. VITAL a feature rich low cost fleet management solution records and transmits Hour Meters wirelessly over Wi-Fi or Cellular network.



Not all “boxes” are created equal.  While they seem similar, just look beneath the surface and you will see the difference.  VITAL is packed with features which are practical and still affordable.  We are not bragging, but VITAL by far is the best low-cost solution in the industry today and we can back it up with the following features and a 2 year industry leading warranty:


Up to 4-hour-meters

Measure HMR and true productivity of your fleet.


GPS based tracking

Know where your fleet is at any time.


Virtually Plug-n-Play

Installs in minutes. Brand agnostic design.

Idle Sensing

Automated shut-off to save on fuel and breathe easier.


Wi-Fi or Cellular

Flexible communication plans – no restriction on works with ANY GSM 3G service providers.


Battery Low Water monitoring

Monitor water (electrolyte) level and duration alarm remain present.


IP67 Compliant

Ideal for demanding applications.


Data transfer to your CMMS or ERP

Visibility across your enterprise – imagine your efficiency

Get HMR once a day.

Configure HMRs the way you like.  Key hours alone don’t tell you the whole story.

Maintain based on actual usage.

Why waste resources and cause unnecessary downtime?

If it's mobile, it needs to be tracked.

Know where your assets are and how they are moving.

Automatically shut-down the engine if running idle

Save on fuel and breathe easier.

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Customers around the world have

  • Support unique business models by tailoring the platform for specific device deployment and network usage models.
  • Gain actionable insights on, operator behavior pattern, usage trends and operational safety.
  • Proactively monitor and rectify issue before they impact your operation.
  • Take advantage of a single platform for global deployments.

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